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Aadhaar Update Form Age Wise PDF is Given

(CHILD 5-18 years FORM)[Download]
ADULT FORM–Residents 18 Years and above)[Download]


  1. Type of Enrolment : Please tick the requirement New Enrolment or Update
  2. Status : Please select the residential status. Separate form should be used by Resident Foreigners. In case of NRIs, approved POI shall be valid Indian Passport.
  3. Demographic Update (Mobile, DOB, Address, Name, Gender, Email) : Resident to enter the Aadhaar number and to select the required service only. In case of update other than name, name as in existing Aadhaar to be mentioned (the name in document and Aadhaar should match).
    Only required field to be filled in case of other update requests.
  4. Document Update : In case of document update, the resident to submit the document containing same name and address as per the existing Aadhaar. Resident to fill only the Aadhaar number, Name and document name in case of document update.
  5. Name : Write full name without salutations/titles. Please bring the original Proof of Identity (POI) document. Variation in Resident’s Name in contrast to POI is permissible as long as the change is minor spelling only. For Example: If Resident’s POI reads “Preeti”, then “Priti” can be recorded if Resident wants so.
  6. DOB : Accepted DOB/POR document for residents up to 18 years shall be Birth Certificate with specified exceptions. Full Date of Birth shall be printed on Aadhaar card only in case of verified DOB.
  7. HOF based Child enrolment : Name and Aadhaar number of both the parents are compulsory for child up to the age of 18 for HOF based enrolment. Biometric authentication of one of the parent is compulsory. Please specify the reason if parent Aadhaar number is not available.
  • Please ensure that the Birth Certificate contains proper name of the Child as required in Aadhaar. Variation in Resident’s Name in contrast to document is permissible as long as the change is minor spelling only.
  • The resident and HOF should visit the Aadhaar Centre for HOF based enrolment and to produce the
    Proof of Relationship document containing the name of HOF & the applicant and the latest Aadhaar
    of HOF. HOF based enrolment shall not be available for Resident Foreigners.

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