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Introduction to Linux

Linux is an operating system, like macOS or Windows.

It is also the most popular Open Source and free, as in freedom, operating system.

It powers the vast majority of the servers that compose the Internet. It’s the base upon which everything is built upon. But not just that. Android is based on (a modified version of) Linux.

The Linux “core” (called kernel) was born in 1991 in Finland, and it went a really long way from its humble beginnings. It went on to be the kernel of the GNU Operating System, creating the duo GNU/Linux.

Linux Command Reference

lsDirectory listing
ls -alFormatted listing with hidden files
ls -ltSorting the Formatted listing by time modification
cd dirChange directory to dir
cdChange to home directory
pwdShow current working directory
mkdir dirCreating a directory dir
cat >filePlaces the standard input into the file
more fileOutput the contents of the file
head fileOutput the first 10 lines of the file
tail fileOutput the last 10 lines of the file
tail -f fileOutput the contents of file as it grows,starting with the last 10 lines
touch fileCreate or update file
rm fileDeleting the file
rm -r dirDeleting the directory
rm -f fileForce to remove the file
rm -rf dirForce to remove the directory dir
cp file1 file2Copy the contents of file1 to file2
cp -r dir1 dir2Copy dir1 to dir2;create dir2 if not present
mv file1 file2Rename or move file1 to file2,if file2 is an existing directory
ln -s file linkCreate symbolic link link to file
File Commands

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